Saturday, November 22, 2014

About the Ebola, and Also Cancer i had.

1-1/2 million people are exspected to be infected with the Ebola by Jan and Feb of this new year and there still is not a vacc. for it. please pay attention if you don't watch the news important to start and they are not talking about it a lot i have read this as the run it at the bottom of the screen when they are talking about other issues. and they should not allow travel in out of the country as it is it is in Teas and moving, so please tweet, blog, what ever it takes to keep everyone aware of what is going on that is alot of infected people by when they say and we know they don't want a wide spread panic going on but this is serious and being no cure you are quarenteen for 21 days

Also I am and have been  involve with cancer radiation i have had cancer of the laryngeal of the eppologottis and supragrattic and  stage 2 T2 and had radition treatment but after 6- 15 minute treatment i had the reaction like some one who had 6 weeks of radiation so  the doctors have never seen nothing like it and cannot explain it because i am not indian, or jewis, or have blond hair blue eyes who usually get this reaction, so i was sent to one of the best at the University of Minnesota  Amy Lassig who was going to lazor out the cancer only to find the cancer was totally gone but did find 3 abnormal cells which they are watching and on dec 10th going back in to do another biopsy. so i have been going through alot.

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