Thursday, September 19, 2013

woman don't swear and flip people the bird.

Now a days it is hard to stay MS Proper and perfect.  Wow now a days your kids go on a bike ride, or a walk and cars that go by flip your kid the middle finger or holler out the window something rude and they don't even know your kids, As a women and a mom oh yea i'm not going to say i don't use the no no word F-U you should drive here in Brainerd i bet you use words you never thought you would  with the drivers we have here especially when we have the kids in the truck and some idiot is in a big hurry to know where one hand on the phone and the other hand on the wheel and his concentration is not on the road and about crashe into you,  tell me what would come out of your Mouth I know what comes out of mine and it isn't excuse me sir your driving is bad- It is like you f--- and Idiot where the hell did you get your divers license from a cracker jack box.. I was watching Bill O'Reilly lol love the guy don't always agree But you have to respect someone who speaks up .

Good Morning I know i Haven't been on for a while I'm crazy busy, I'm Moving, i report for Jury duty the 25th of this month and also moving into my new home,
             I have been creating and making orders, The Arts in the park went great sorry i don't have pictures  My camera card was full and memory was low. but i do have some pictures of some Jewelry i have finished some pieces. wow i Miss you all.

And I want to put my prayers and Support to all the family's that lost there loved ones in the shooting in Washington DC what a tragic way to lose a family member, I will be back on with some  Pictures and more to say  stay tuned I love my friends and family and fans you mean everything to me.
  Oh one more thing i have my kids in a charter school this year and so far they are so happy and no bulling outside of what goes on  when they are on the bus. they are doing fantastic.